Demographic Change

Saving professional knowledge and experience for the next generation

Demographic change will lead to a significant decline in the supply of skilled workers in the coming years. Accordingly, securing skilled workers will be of great importance in the coming years for safeguarding companies' business models. We also have to live with the fact that industry does not always offer the most attractive and cleanest jobs, nor the most pleasant working hours. Accordingly, greater turnover in the workforce is noticeable for certain activities. The big question here is how specialist knowledge can be retained. It's also about experiential knowledge; this unconscious knowledge that has accumulated over time. An experienced technician senses the approach to the solution so to speak through his empirical knowledge, whereas an inexperienced colleague must first think through various possible approaches to a solution before coming up with the appropriate step. To simplify this, we will need intelligent systems with knowledge databases, simplified control and better training options that keep this knowledge in the company or generate it time and again. Digitalization plays a crucial role here too.

Demographic Change

ABP Induction maps this via the ABP Virtual Academy, where training can be carried out on the virtual twin. The myABP platform is a key control mechanism here, supporting skill management, where everything is stored digitally. Employees can practice actions over and over again and also act out situations that would be impossible to experience in daily life. It's like the principle of the flight simulator, which can be used to run through dangerous situations as a dry run. And of course, the same applies to metalworking plants. Here, hazardous situations such as metal perforation, water bursting or bridge formation can be simulated – this cannot be trained in reality because of the potential danger. Employees in training experience these hazardous situations virtually and also realize what happens when mistakes are made. This emotional learning can be generated in the virtual world.

And what's more, employees from different parts of the world can train together in the virtual learning environment and learn from each other. They are networked and learn according to the same standards. Knowledge can be transferred throughout the global organization. Lower skilled workers can be trained or used productively in the process under guidance. Simple but reliable machines and equipment such as the ABP Ecoline also allow companies from developing markets to productively employ skilled workers with lower skill levels using ABP Induction's proven technology.

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