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The world is being moved by four major megatrends – decarbonization, digitalization, deglobalization and demographic change. Solutions must be found for these four megatrends. This was also made abundantly clear by the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (Institute of the German Economy) in a study that has just been published. The study also shows that, as great as the challenges are, the bottom line is that there are also many opportunities. ABP Induction shares this view and has made it its business to be the right partner for business and society with its portfolio and digital solution expertise in order to find answers to the questions of our time. "Your partner on the way to Zero Emission" is ABP Induction's leitmotif in the GIFA year 2023 for the leading trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST.

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Decarbonization, digitalization, deglobalization and demographic change – four megatrends are driving action

Four megatopics are driving business and society today. These are the issues that ABP Induction is committed to focusing on. There's decarbonization, with the associated issues of sustainability and the circular economy. Resource efficiency should be part of any ambitious climate protection package: For the transition to a low greenhouse gas economy, a resource-efficient closed-loop system is a key element. Digitalization can play an important role here, as it fundamentally changes production processes – the second major topic from ABP's point of view. The use of digital applications can increase efficiency in the provision of renewable energy, optimize energy consumption, improve the use of electricity and hydrogen, and enable smart applications. Deglobalization refers to major political changes in the world. It involves relocating production to different regions, in part to reduce economic dependence. Distortions such as threats to supply chains due to trade wars and nationalism play a role here. Virtually every industrial company is also struggling with the effects of demographic change, which is leading to a glaring shortage of young talent. Companies are therefore finding it difficult to use digital solutions for greater resource efficiency. There is a lack of know-how, and the need for specialists with digital expertise will increase in the coming years. Professionals with digital user skills and basic competencies are sought after. Professionals with digital application skills and basic competencies are sought after.

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"Your partner on the way to Zero Emission" – ABP Induction as an enabler for the implementation of resource-efficient technologies

ABP Induction sees itself as an enabler for customers and partners to use new technologies that enable resource-efficient production. Climate-neutral production will be the challenge of the coming years. ABP sees great challenges, but also great opportunities, in the four megatopics of decarbonization, digitalization, deglobalization and demographic change.

ABP Induction's self-image of acting as an enabler is documented at GIFA 2023 with the POWER symbolism in the word and image language at the trade show booth and in the accompanying media. The POWER symbol replaces an O in the four words of the megatrends, and also appears in the claim "Your partner on the way to Zero Emission".

  • ABP Induction has developed various technologies and solutions to be your partner for energy-intensive companies on the decarbonization journey.
  • ABP Induction has built up an extensive digital portfolio that can be used in industrial companies in a vendor-neutral manner – incidentally, sometimes also across industries as a white label solution - to have tools for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • ABP Induction has developed solutions that allow production and supply chains to continue even in restrictive times of deglobalization with contact or travel restrictions due to pandemics or the formation of geopolitical blocs. Decentralized research and service capacities serve regional markets.
  • ABP Induction has created digital training and communication solutions to mitigate the pressures of demographic change and return lower-skilled professionals to a productive work process through training and guidance. Simple machines and equipment also allow developing markets to rely on ABP Induction's proven technology.

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